welcome to the melty land. this is a place where only beautiful dreams remain.

bio: hi! my name is aeron, i'm 20 years old, & i'm a cis guy from texas! i'm an early graduate (2017) & i'm currently studying mathematics.

i play a lot of splatoon (x rank, level 99*) and zelda in my free time, but i also devote a lot of time to developing my OCs. feel free to ask about them! i'm a cosplayer and i try to go to at least 2 conventions per year - mainly a kon & anime fest but sometimes i travel to other ones.

personality stuff: INTJ, lawful neutral, 5w6

disclaimers: i do not tag medical/hospital stuff or my interests. (anything else is fine; feel free to dm me). PLEASE tag cockroaches & animal abuse/death (even mentions). don't confront me if i softblock you.

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01 Can you tell me about this page?

The page's name is Multi-Page [02] Unmei. It features an about me section, a navigate/tagslist section, a blogroll, and an faq+ask box.
02 Where can I get the code for it?

From this pastebin paste. If you can't access it due to pastebin being blocked, send me a message and I'll send you a different code.
03 How do I install this page?

At the paste, click the little clipboard icon and copy the entire code to your clipboard. Next, go to your customize page, scroll down and click + Create a new page. Set the page type to Custom CSS, and use ctrl+v to paste down the copied code. [Visit here for more detailed instructions.
04 The art used is so nice! Who is the artist?

maruti-bitamin of tumblr!